Create a Free Website, Blog: 20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners [2024]

20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with Certificates [2024]

Are you looking to build a website but don’t know where to start? With WordPress powering over 43% of all websites on the internet, it’s no wonder that learning how to use this versatile platform can be a game-changer for your career or business. In fact, WordPress skills are in high demand, with over 64 million websites relying on WordPress CMS. If you’re eager to jump into the world of web development, mastering WordPress is a must. And the best part? You can learn for free and earn a certificate to showcase your new skills!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create and manage websites with ease. It’s highly customizable, with thousands of themes and plugins available to enhance functionality and design. WordPress provides the tools you need to bring your vision to life, whether you want to create a blog, build a website, an e-commerce site, or a portfolio. Think of it like a digital Lego set for building your dream website.

Why You Need WordPress

  1. User-Friendly: WordPress is known for its intuitive interface, making it accessible even for beginners.
  2. Highly Customizable: With a vast library of themes and plugins, you can create a unique and functional website.
  3. SEO Friendly: WordPress is optimized for search engines, helping you rank higher in search results.
  4. Community Support: With a large community of users and developers, you can easily find help and resources.
  5. Cost-Effective: WordPress itself is free, and many themes and plugins are also available at no cost.

What to Expect from These Free WordPress Courses

Here’s a sneak peek at what the best free WordPress online courses with certificates have to offer:

  1. Introduction to WordPress: Learn the basics of setting up a WordPress site, including installation, configuration, and understanding the dashboard.
  2. WordPress Themes and Templates: Download WordPress themes and learn how to choose and customize themes to match your brand or personal style.
  3. Plugin Management: Learn how to find, install, and manage plugins to add functionality to your site.
  4. Content Creation and Management: Master the art of creating and organizing content, including posts, pages, and media.
  5. SEO Optimization: Understand the best practices for optimizing your WordPress site for search engines.
  6. Security Measures: Learn how to secure your WordPress site against common threats and vulnerabilities.
  7. E-commerce Integration: Discover how to set up an online store using WooCommerce or other e-commerce plugins.
  8. Performance Optimization: Tips and tricks for speeding up your WordPress site and improving user experience.
  9. WordPress CMS on Localhost: Learn how to set up a local development environment for testing and development.
  10. WordPress Certification: Prepare for and earn your WordPress certification to validate your skills.
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20+ Best Free WordPress Courses Online with Certificates –


Build a Full Website using WordPress

In this course, you will create a full website that is attractive and user-friendly using a free content management system, WordPress. You will learn how to create a website utilizing themes and plug-ins using the web creation tool. You’ll have a virtual space to showcase your business with customers who want to stay connected.


WordPress for Beginners

20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with Certificates [2024]

Learn how to create professional websites with WordPress in this free online web design and content creation course. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used worldwide to easily build dynamic websites and blogs. This web design course explains how to use WordPress with flair and confidence. We go through each step of the web design and content-creation process, from installation and choosing settings to content management and media control.


Learn WordPress for Websites Using Elementor

This Course, “WordPress Training Course” by HubSpot Academy, is perfect for small business owners, marketers, and individuals looking to build a strong online presence with an effective WordPress website. You’ll learn to register a domain, choose the right web hosting, and secure your site with SSL. The course covers navigating both the front end and back end of WordPress, installing plugins, and customizing themes. Additionally, you’ll harness Elementor’s free tools to drive traffic and generate leads. With 3 lessons, 17 videos, and 3 quizzes, this 1:11-hour course provides comprehensive training to help you master WordPress fundamentals and elevate your digital strategy.


Become a Content Manager: Introduction to WordPress

This course Introduction to WordPress will cover the basic Concepts of Content Management Systems which includes What is WordPress?, Features of WordPress, Installation and Configuration of WordPress, etc. By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of why chose WordPress for a great career in Content Management.


Use WordPress to Create a Blog for Your Business

In this course, you will create a blog site with a home page and initial blog post using a free content management system, WordPress. You will be able to create a business blog with the look and feel of a website complete with options for e-commerce plugins. You’ll have a virtual space to showcase your business with customers who want to stay connected.


Build a free website with WordPress

This Course, “Creating a Free Website in WordPress,” is an ideal introduction for anyone looking to establish their own online presence. Perfect for personal or commercial purposes, this guided project will teach you how to create a website, choose and modify essential features like color schemes, logos, and menus, and add pages and articles. WordPress offers a vast array of free design options and functionalities, enabling you to build a visually appealing and organized website. With the potential for further customization at a low cost, this course provides all the tools you need to create a professional and engaging online platform.


WordPress with Docker

This Course offers a free certificate and teaches you how to set up WordPress using Docker and software container tools. Ideal for those looking to manage WordPress deployments efficiently, you’ll learn about microservices, containerization, docker-compose, docker networks, and docker volumes. Whether you aim to publish a website or blog, this course provides the necessary skills to handle the various components of WordPress deployment with ease. Enhance your software engineering knowledge and explore practical tools and techniques for modern web development.


Complete WordPress Mastery

20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with Certificates [2024]

The course covers everything from basic setup to advanced features, ensuring you stay updated with the latest changes. With techie-free, step-by-step video tutorials, you’ll save time and money while building your website. As a bonus, you’ll get free themes and plugins, SEO best practices, legal basics, site security tips, and monetization strategies. This course is ideal for beginners, intermediates, and anyone wanting to master web development and stay current with WordPress updates.


Learn Complete WordPress Security

This course brings together all the essential ingredients to build a secure WordPress website. This course teaches you various tips and tricks that ensure that your website and your business are protected from malicious hackers. The course presents the contents in an easy-to-understand way and does not assume any technical knowledge. This quick course will help you secure your website assets and will update you with the latest tactics and strategies for WordPress Security.


How to Make an Online Portfolio Website from Scratch

This Course is ideal for photographers, graphic designers, and anyone looking to create a stunning portfolio website in just one hour. Without any coding or previous experience required, you’ll build a fully responsive website using WordPress, featuring image posts, photo galleries, an “about me” page, an FAQ page, a contact form, and more. You’ll learn to register a domain name, set up web hosting, and install WordPress step-by-step. The course uses the beautiful and free Fukasawa theme, making it easy to maintain your site. Perfect for showcasing your work and attracting new clients, this course offers a concise, beginner-friendly introduction to WordPress and web development.


Increase SEO Traffic with WordPress

In this course, you will learn how to increase SEO on your free WordPress website. You will add tags, categories, and links to an existing WordPress website and manage content in order to increase SEO. You will learn where to read analytics within WordPress in order to drive content management related to SEO within your WordPress website.


WordPress Masterclass: Create Your Website for Free with No Coding Skills

20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with Certificates [2024]

Learn how to build websites from scratch using WordPress without any code or cost in this free online web design course. This WordPress tutorial teaches you how to create great interactive websites using the world’s most popular free content management system (CMS). Well-designed websites increase internet traffic and boost profits so we provide a step-by-step guide through each step of the web design process, from buying your domain name to creating content and laying it out to using Google Analytics to track your website performance.


How to Build an Event Management Website with WordPress

20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with Certificates [2024]

This Course is perfect for event planners, coordinators, and anyone passionate about organizing events and looking to create a professional event management website without any coding knowledge. In “How to Build an Event Management Website with WordPress,” you’ll learn everything from setting up WordPress and customizing themes to adding essential content and integrating ticket sales. Enhance your site with plugins, ensure a great user experience, and master SEO to attract more attendees. By the end, you’ll have a fully functional, visually appealing event management website ready to boost your online presence and impress your audience.


How to Create an E-commerce Website With WordPress

20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with Certificates [2024]

This course is ideal for anyone eager to learn how to build an e-commerce website with WordPress, using the top-rated Flatsome Theme for WooCommerce. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to create an online store quickly and easily, this step-by-step tutorial has you covered. You’ll learn everything from obtaining a domain and hosting to installing WordPress and setting up your entire online store. No coding or prior experience is necessary. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to customize and manage your e-commerce website, making passive income and selling products with ease.


Create a Freelance Services Marketplace with WordPress

20 Best Free Online WordPress Courses for Beginners with Certificates [2024]

This Course teaches you how to create a freelance services marketplace, similar to Fiverr or Upwork, using WordPress without any coding skills. Designed for all levels, you’ll be guided through each step—from initial setup and adding listing categories to customizing design and improving performance. Learn how to list services, post requests, manage orders, and handle payouts, tailoring the site to your niche. The course also covers monetization strategies, such as charging for listings or taking commissions. Perfect for anyone looking to build a freelance marketplace or for companies wanting to offer services online, this course is a comprehensive guide to creating a successful platform.


Learn How to make the Cleaning Company website via WordPress

This Course is your ultimate guide to building a professional, responsive website for your cleaning company using WordPress. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll learn how to set up and manage a beautiful, functional site in just one hour. Taught by experienced freelancer Gazanfar Ali, the course covers everything from obtaining domain and hosting from Siteground to installing WordPress and customizing your site. You’ll master key WordPress features like the Duster theme, the media library, posts and pages, contact forms, navigation systems, and security. By the end, you’ll have a fully functional website that helps secure online appointments and showcases your cleaning services effectively. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to create a cleaning company website, regardless of technical ability.


Create an On-Demand Service Marketplace with WordPress

In this course, you will learn how to create a peer-to-peer service marketplace for any niche without coding skills using WordPress. If you want to create a platform that connects customers with service providers, you’ll be able to do this by following all the steps in this course. This course is useful for anyone looking to create their own service marketplace platform, such as Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, or Airtasker.


How to migrate your WordPress site

This course is designed to teach you how to efficiently move your WordPress site between different web hosts using various methods suitable for different scenarios. Whether you’re migrating from localhost to SiteGround using the Duplicator plugin, transferring from SiteGround to Kinsta with WP DB Migrate Pro plugin to ensure no downtime, or managing a large-scale migration from LiquidWeb to Kinsta using SSH and WP-CLI, this course covers it all. You’ll gain hands-on experience with tools like Duplicator, WP DB Migrate Pro, SSH, Linux Command Line, and WP-CLI, equipping you to handle real-world website migration challenges effectively across any web hosting platform.


WordPress for Beginners: Build Your Business Website Quickly

This Course “WordPress for Beginners: Build Your Business Website Quickly” offers a straightforward path to creating professional business websites, sans the need for coding expertise. Ideal for beginners and tech novices alike, the course guides you through every step of WordPress setup and customization. From domain registration to theme installation and page customization, you’ll gain confidence in managing your website effectively. Plus, an extra lecture expands your toolkit with free templates, ensuring you can diversify your website designs effortlessly. With practical insights and a focus on efficiency, this course equips you to launch impactful websites promptly.


Create a Small Business Website With WordPress

In this course, you’ll master the creation of a small business website using WordPress, starting from web hosting registration to logo design. Each lecture is designed to be easily digestible, guiding you through the process with straightforward steps. Using a default template, I demonstrate how to personalize and refine it throughout the videos, ensuring your site reflects your unique brand by the end of the tutorial. This project isn’t just a learning opportunity but also a valuable addition to your portfolio, showcasing your ability to cater to local businesses.


How to Make A Money Making Website With WordPress

This course, titled “Money Making Website With WordPress” is an exciting opportunity for anyone eager to create a successful online presence without diving into complex programming. James Stafford, the creator of WME, guides you through three proven methods to monetize your website, scaling from initial earnings to substantial daily profits. The centerpiece is the innovative Content Accelerator, empowering you to effortlessly turn every piece of content into revenue-generating opportunities. Whether you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, or new to online business, Stafford’s approach is designed to simplify website creation and maximize profitability. With a focus on delivering immense value upfront, this course equips you with practical tools and strategies to achieve tangible results. If you’re ready to transform your ideas into a thriving online business, this course is your essential starting point.


Load WordPress 400% Faster without any Technical skills

This Course, “Mastering Website Speed Optimization: Boost Your Revenue,” offers a straightforward path to significantly enhancing your website’s performance without needing technical expertise. In today’s digital landscape, every second counts, and a faster website not only improves user experience but also increases revenue potential. Through practical steps like plugin installation, image optimization, and leveraging a cloud delivery network, you’ll learn to transform sluggish sites into lightning-fast platforms. With interactive video lectures, quizzes, and direct demonstrations, this course ensures accessibility for beginners while delivering tangible results in under 30 minutes per optimization. Whether you’re a blogger, e-commerce owner, or digital marketer, optimizing website speed is your gateway to higher engagement and profitability.


How to Design a WordPress Plugin

This Course, “Designing WordPress Plugins,” is your gateway to mastering the art of creating customizable and user-friendly WordPress plugins. Perfect for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, this course starts with refining your plugin ideas to meet market demands and user expectations. You’ll dive into interface design, blending aesthetics with functionality to craft intuitive and engaging user experiences. Visual tools like flowcharts will help you illustrate plugin logic, and meticulous documentation will streamline development and collaboration. Gain insider tips, practical insights, and real-world examples to research, refine, and validate your plugin ideas, transforming your vision into reality with confidence.


WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool that can open up numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. By taking advantage of these free WordPress online courses, you’re not just learning; you’re investing in your future. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, these courses offer valuable insights and practical knowledge. So why wait? Start exploring the best free WordPress online courses with certificates today and take the first step towards mastering this essential platform.


1. Is a WordPress Course Worth It?

Answer: Absolutely! A WordPress course can be incredibly valuable, especially if you’re serious about building a professional website or launching an online business. Courses provide structured learning, practical skills, and often access to a community of fellow learners and experts.

  • Benefits:
    • Learn from experienced professionals: Save time and avoid costly mistakes by learning from experts who have already mastered WordPress.
    • Build practical skills: Courses provide hands-on projects and real-world examples to help you apply your knowledge.
    • Gain a competitive edge: Knowing WordPress can open doors to new job opportunities or help you stand out as a freelancer.
    • Develop a strong foundation: Courses cover essential concepts and best practices, giving you a solid understanding of WordPress.
    • Boost your confidence: Having a certificate and knowledge in WordPress gives you the confidence to build and manage your website successfully.

2. What Should I Look for in a WordPress Course?

Answer: The best WordPress course for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. Consider these key factors:

  • Level: Are you a complete beginner or have some experience? Choose a course that aligns with your current knowledge level.
  • Content: Does the course cover the topics you need to learn? Look for courses that address website design, content creation, SEO, plugins, and e-commerce if applicable.
  • Instructor: Is the instructor an experienced WordPress developer or professional? Look for someone who is passionate about teaching and has a proven track record.
  • Format: Do you prefer online courses, in-person workshops, or a combination of both?
  • Cost: Free courses are great for beginners, but paid courses may offer more in-depth content and personalized support.

3. Are There Any Free WordPress Courses?

Answer: Yes, there are tons of free WordPress courses available online! You can find them on platforms like:

  • Udemy: Many instructors offer free courses or introductory modules.
  • Skillshare: Offers free trials and some courses are entirely free.
  • Coursera: Some universities offer free courses on WordPress.
  • YouTube: Search for “WordPress tutorial” or “WordPress for beginners” to find a wealth of free video tutorials.

4. How Long Does It Take to Learn WordPress?

Answer: The time it takes to learn WordPress varies greatly depending on factors like:

  • Your learning pace: How quickly do you absorb new information?
  • Your prior experience: Do you have any website design or coding experience?
  • The course format: Online courses are often self-paced, while in-person workshops follow a set schedule.
  • Your dedication: How much time are you willing to commit to learning?
  • Expect:
    • Beginners: Plan on dedicating several weeks to a few months to build a strong foundation.
    • Intermediate: A few weeks to a month is often enough to master specific skills or plugins.

5. What Are the Most Important Topics Covered in a WordPress Course?

Answer: A comprehensive WordPress course should cover the following key areas:

  • Fundamentals: Installing WordPress, choosing a theme, customizing your site, creating pages and posts, managing content, adding media, navigating the WordPress dashboard, etc.
  • Website Design: Basic design principles, choosing the right theme, customizing your site’s layout and style, creating a visually appealing user experience, etc.
  • Content Management: Creating and editing content, optimizing your content for search engines (SEO), using different post formats, managing comments, etc.
  • Plugins: Understanding plugins, choosing the right plugins for your needs, installing and configuring plugins, using popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Elementor, etc.
  • Website Security and Maintenance: Backups, security measures, website updates, performance optimization, etc.

6. Is it Necessary to Know Coding to Learn WordPress?

Answer: No! WordPress is a user-friendly platform that makes website building accessible even for those with no coding experience. You can create stunning websites using the visual editor and drag-and-drop features without writing any code. However, basic HTML and CSS knowledge can be helpful for more advanced customization and troubleshooting.

7. What Is the Best WordPress Course for Beginners?

Answer: In this blog post we curated 20+ Best Free WordPress Courses Online for Beginners.

8. Can I Learn WordPress for Free?

Answer: Yes! You can learn WordPress for free through various resources, including:

  • Free online courses: Many platforms offer free introductory modules or courses.
  • documentation: The official WordPress website has a wealth of free resources, including tutorials, documentation, and community forums.
  • YouTube tutorials: Search for “WordPress tutorial” or “WordPress for beginners” to find thousands of free video tutorials.

9. What Are the Best WordPress Courses for E-commerce?

Answer: If you’re interested in building an online store with WordPress, here are some recommended courses:

  • WordPress for Ecommerce: Build Your Online Store by Udemy: This course teaches you how to set up a WooCommerce store, manage products, process payments, and market your online business.
  • WooCommerce Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning: A comprehensive course covering everything you need to know to build and manage a successful WooCommerce store.
  • Build a WooCommerce WordPress Ecommerce Website by Skillshare: This course guides you through the process of building a complete WooCommerce website, including product pages, shopping carts, and payment gateways.

10. Can I Get a Certificate After Completing a WordPress Course?

Answer: Many online courses offer certificates of completion upon successful completion. These certificates can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers or clients.

  • Check Course Details: Make sure to check the course description to see if a certificate is offered.
  • Verify Certificate Value: Not all certificates are created equal. Consider the course provider’s reputation and the value of the certificate in your industry.

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