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Working with Project Managers and Project Sponsors 2.0

Working with Project Managers and Project Sponsors 2.0 – Project Managers, Project Sponsors, Project Management, Project Governance, Stakeholder Engagement and Management



  • Basic skills and Ideas of Project Management and Project Sponsors !


Working with Project Managers and Project Sponsors 2.0

Welcome to our comprehensive course on Collaborative Project Management: Engaging Project Managers and Sponsors. In this course, participants will delve into the dynamic world of project management and sponsorship, gaining a deep understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and interactions between project managers and sponsors. Through a series of engaging modules, learners will explore the fundamental principles of effective collaboration, communication, and goal alignment essential for successful project execution.

Participants will learn to define clear project objectives, identify and engage key stakeholders, and develop robust communication strategies to foster collaboration among project stakeholders. They will also gain insights into project governance structures, decision-making processes, and best practices for project execution. Moreover, this course will highlight the critical role of project sponsors in providing support, resources, and advocacy to ensure project success within various organizational contexts. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to navigate complex projects and drive them towards successful outcomes.

In this master course, I would like to teach the 8 major topics:

Module 1: Introduction to Project Management and Sponsorship

Module 2: Setting Clear Project Objectives

Module 3: Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Module 4: Effective Communication Strategies

Module 5: Project Governance and Decision-Making

Module 6: Best Practices for Project Execution

Module 7: Sponsorship Best Practices

Module 8: Adapting to Organizational Contexts

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Who this course is for:

  • All UG and PG Business, General Management, IT, Project Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Students
  • Interested students to learn about the concepts of Working with Project Managers and Project Sponsors !

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