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Microsoft Excel Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft Excel Comprehensive Guide – How to use Excel in your career—a guide on simple functions, Excel tools, and chart creation.



  • This course is designed for beginners, so no prior background is needed


Many experts in various fields rely on various data management technologies like Google Analytics and CRM. But managing and analyzing data across many platforms is time-consuming and tedious. Excel offers a streamlined solution to this problem by combining research, data analysis, and reporting into a single application.

Despite its usefulness, many specialists shy away from using Excel because of its complex formulas and functions. That’s why we’ve created a course designed to break down Excel to its basics and allow you to integrate it into your daily work.

Our course quickly and effectively covers the essentials of Excel in four sections:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Calculations
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Data Visualization

From understanding the interface to creating charts and visualizing data, we’ve got you covered.


​​Denys Sokotov is a Data Analyst with 4+ years of experience working in Excel and 2 years in the data analytics field. He has developed over 40 dashboards and reports, holds a Google Data Analyst Certificate, and was one of 9 finalists in an analytics challenge with over 400 participants.

Throughout the course, you’ll have access to many examples and files with keyboard shortcuts to make learning even easier. With this course, you’ll be able to use Excel like a professional and gain the foundational knowledge required by most employers.


  • Our course is taught by top professionals with over 14 years of experience in online marketing. Our Webpromo Agency has both Google Premier Partner status and Facebook Marketing Partner status.
  • We’ve launched over 1,500 successful marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • With over 500,000 digital marketing specialists worldwide enrolled in our online courses, we’re dedicated to helping the SkillsBooster community stay up-to-date with the latest tips and trends in digital marketing.


  • Theory: 1+ hours of lectures with a multitude of hands-on examples. Lessons are easy to follow and range from 3 to 15 minutes in length.
  • Practice Materials: Checklists, templates, and video tutorials to make the course more interactive and valuable.
  • Lifetime Access to the course and any future updates.
  • Students’ Support: To ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience.
  • After successfully completing the course, participants receive an Udemy certificate.


If you’re unsatisfied with the course, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Enroll now and start simplifying your data management tasks with Excel!

Who this course is for:

  • For beginners wanting to learn Excel at a basic level
  • For marketers wanting to take their data analysis to the next level and achieve higher work results
  • For anyone wanting to integrate the power of Excel into their personal or professional life

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