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[100% Off] Masters in Structural Engineering & Drawing Reading – Etabs Free Course Coupon

Masters in Structural Engineering & Drawing Reading – Etabs

Masters in Structural Engineering & Drawing Reading – Etabs – 2024:Civil Engineering Construction Drawing Reading through structural Design with Master on Etab Structural Engineering



  • Students Should be Passionate about Learning Architectural & structural Drawings with Basic Vastu Logic
  • The lectures will be long for 20 minutes minimum, but they are explained with concepts and pratical things and nothing is skiped in the lectures. Should Have Patience to listen them !


IS learning Structural Engineering Concepts and design on your Mind, but not able to Find the Right Course that can help you leverage your Structural Engineering Skills??

Don’t Worry, you are Just a Click away from Gaining 44 hours of in-depth Concepts from 7+ years of experienced Faculty.

Before we start this Journey together have a look at the Entire Syllabus that we will be covering in the Next 45 hours, Buckle your Seat Belt and give your Brain a Challenge that it has been looking for a long time!!

Module 1- G+3 Residential Building Structural Drawing Reading & Detailing up to Plinth Beam

1. Decoding Ground Floor Architectural plan of G+3 Storey Building

2. Decoding Typical Floor Plans of G+3 Storey Building

3. General Notes of Building

4. Reading Footing Layout of Residential Building

5. Decoding Footing Cross Section

6. Decoding SP-34 Clauses and Footing Detailing

7. Decoding Column Layout and Standard Column Sizes in Building

8. Decoding Column Reinforcement Drawing of G+3 Building

9. IS 456-2000 Reference & Important points

10. Mastering Plinth Beam Layout Drawing like Pro

11. Mastering Plinth Beam Reinforcement

Module 2 – G+3 Residential Building Ground Floor to Terrace Floor Structural Drawing

1. Decoding Extra rebar in Beam and its Detailing Logic

2. Decoding Types of Slabs l How to Identify the Slabs

3. Decoding 1-way Slab Fundamentals -Part-1

4. Decoding 1-way Slab Fundamentals -Part-2

5. Decoding 2-way Slab Fundamentals

6. Complete Floor Structural Drawings of G+3 Building

Module 3- Structural Design of G+3 Storey Building-Marathon Series

1. Placing of Column in Real Live Projects – Most Demanding Lecture-Part -1

2. Placing of Column in Real Live Projects – Most Demanding Lecture-Part-2

3. Decoding Column orientation & Its Logic Behind orientation

4. Preparing Column Center Line Layout in AutoCAD

5. Assignment for Preparing Column Layout – Do it yourself- Yippee

6. Beam Layout Preparation on AutoCAD

7. Decoding Etabs Model for G+3 Building

8. How to decide Beam Size and Check in Etabs

9. Decoding Column & Slab Sizes in Real Project

10. Applying Load on Slab & Beam in Etabs Software

11. Analysis and Design of Building in Etabs

12. Footing Design in Excel & Manually

13. Footing Layout preparation on AutoCAD

14. Column Design in Etabs

15. Column Lateral Ties Designing Manually

16. Column Lateral Ties According to SP-34

17. Beam Detailing in Etabs & Manually

MODULE 4- 35,000 sq. Mtr Industrial Building with Steel Structures


  1. Site Layout Plan
  2. Factory Layout of Steel Structure & Ground & 1st Floor Office Building
  3. Footing & pedestal Details
  4. Plinth Beam Details
  5. Beam & Slab Details
  6. Underground Water Tank , Scrap Shed & Utility Area

Miscellaneous Topics

a) Sewage & plumbing Drawings

b) Flag pole Foundation Drawing

c) Storm water & Box Culvert Drawings

d) PEB Structure & Anchor Bolt Drawings

Master on Etabs Structural Engineering & Designing of Building

ETABS- Extended Three-Dimensional Analysis Of Building Systems

This Course helps in understanding the fundamentals of Reinforced Cement Concrete & Structural Engineering.

The Course is designed with each Etabs Commands Explained in A practical Approach.

All the Calculations are Manually verified with the ETABS results.

1. Manual calculations of beams, column , slabs & Footings.

2. The model is prepared for Dead Load & Live Load & checked for all results

3. The Basic of Structural Engineering is covered in Great Detail.

4. Learn all Basic commands required to Model any Structure

5. All the Elements like Footing, Column , Beam & Slab Manual Detailing is Explained

6. The course is also designed so that learners will be able to prepare center Line layout, Column Layout & Foundation Layout.

7. The concept of primary Beams & Secondary Beams are also covered .

8. Importance of torsion, how to release Moments for Beams is covered in Details .

9. The code book of IS 875 -Part 1 & Part 2 is covered for Applying Loads.

Who this course is for:

  • Civil Engineers , Structural Engineers, Structural Consultants, Architects, Civil Contractor, Real Estate Agents & Freshers those who are Intrested to learn Architectural & Structural drawings with clear understanding to Topics
  • Quantity surveyors, Project Management consultants, Planning Engineers & Vastu Consultants
  • Structural Engineers those who are looking for Entry Level Jobs in Design Companies
  • Civil Engineers Looking to Change Carrer in Structural Firm
  • Vastu Consultants those who are Curious to Learn Structural Drawings
  • Interior Designers

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