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Fundamentals of Marketing Concepts

Fundamentals of Marketing Concepts
Learn to employ different marketing techniques by understanding marketing concepts with this free online course.
Understanding the concepts of marketing fundamentals is essential to the growth and success of a business. Effective marketing focuses on strategies to provide the targeted audience with value through products or services rendered. You will master the fundamentals of marketing concepts and how to craft marketing techniques that will create a distinct feature for your product or service and distinguish it from your competitors.
This Free Online Course Includes:
  • 1.5-3 Hours of Learning
  • CPD Accreditation
  • Final Assessment

In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To

  • Explain the concept of marketing and why it is important to a business
  • Analyze the arguments for and against traditional and digital marketing methods
  • Describe how famous brands have used marketing campaigns to convey their key messages to a target audience
  • Recognize the key aspects and benefits of a website
  • Describe the factors that determine how a page is ranked in organic search results
  • Explain what a SWOT analysis is and the reasons why it is beneficial for businesses
  • Identify the different stages that will help you develop an effective marketing strategy and marketing plan
  • List the elements of a crisis and the benefits of a crisis management plan
  • Outline the elements of the promotional mix and define a ‘push and pull’ strategy
  • Evaluate the different forms of goods and the different aspects of products
  • Recall the stages of product development as well as product life cycles and customer life cycles

Course Description

The reason why some products and services make waves of sales while others dwindle is a result of how they appeal to the targeted customers. The essence of business and production is creating and offering a brand that interests potential clients. Marketing fills the void created by the obscurity of products or services by deliberately conducting research until a client is satisfied. This course covers all it takes for a business to know a customer, attract them, and leave them satisfied and salivating to come back for more.

We have divided this course into two modules, each containing several topics where you learn the fundamentals of marketing concepts. The lessons in these topics will aid your understanding of the two marketing methods and help you strategize to find the best possible option to adopt to promote your products and services. You will discover how to implement new technologies to advance further the techniques and strategies you can use to promote your products and services to their target customers using digital marketing methods. Discover how to use the ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats’ (SWOT) analysis to effectively evaluate multiple business areas so that you can address areas of weakness and strengthen those vital areas for further growth.

This course offers you the opportunity to be a trained marketer whose job is to create content that will be very influential using fundamental marketing skills. We have included intermittent case studies to assess your learning progress and provide an opinionated readiness that aids easy learning. This course is for anyone who wants to learn strategic marketing skills to excel and make profits. Enrol in this course today to create value for your organization or business.

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